What could a women’s detox program do for you? Many women struggle through addiction, hoping they can make things work and overcome the challenge alone. Yet, it’s never that easy. For many with addiction, the only way to stop using and to heal is to use a professional women’s residential treatment program like ours in Texas. If you’re a military professional or first responder, Mission Recovery can help you. Contact our team today at 833.477.7379 for more information.

Why Do You Need a Women’s Detox Program?

woman at a women's detox programIt’s important to know that drug addiction isn’t your fault. It is also not something you can stop from occurring. If you’re using drugs or alcohol on a routine basis, that means your body is tolerant of it and depends on it. Even if you want to do so, you may not be able to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own without professional help. Our team at Mission Recovery has created a women’s rehab center treatment program in Texas that can provide you with the support you need.

You may benefit from our women’s detox program if you’ve:

  • Used drugs for a long time
  • Overdosed or relapsed in the past
  • Used highly addictive drugs
  • Tried to stop but could not do so
  • Struggled with responsibilities at home or work because of your drug use

When you’re facing challenges every day from your use of drugs and alcohol, it becomes critical to take action to get the help you need. We can help you.

Why Choose a Women’s Residential Treatment Program?

Some people benefit from a women’s drug and alcohol detox program for several reasons. First, our location provides you with a safe, drug-free area to get clean. During your time with us, we will work closely with you to better understand your health needs. We can provide you with a supportive environment that’s away from the stress and turmoil at home. That allows you the time you need to recover.

Those who have a severe addiction will need a women’s detox program to help them. If you do not get it, you may relapse again. As a women’s treatment program, you can also expect this program to provide for all of your needs in an environment that feels comfortable to you with other women going through the same types of struggles you’ve faced.

What to Expect in Our Women’s Detox Program

We’ve designed our women’s detox program in Texas to meet the needs of women on active duty or who are no longer in the Armed Forces. We know that military professionals’ challenges are much different from what you may experience on your own. You may find that drug and alcohol addiction is due to the traumatic experiences you’ve had or the high-stress lifestyle you live. Our program addresses this and provides you with resources to help.

We offer a range of programs to help you. These programs include:

Within our women’s detox program, you will work to heal using our medication-assisted therapy, along with talk therapy. You will learn about your addiction, why it is occurring, and how you can overcome it for good. Most importantly, you will find peace here. Our team will work closely with you to better understand your goals and needs. A women’s residential treatment program like this may be just what you need to heal.

Find the Support You Need at Mission Recovery

With our women’s detox program, you can turn the page and reclaim your health. You’ve worked hard to help others. Now, it is time to work on your future. Learn more about the women’s residential treatment program in Texas that we offer. Call Mission Recovery today at 833.477.7379.