A men’s detox program may be one of the most significant opportunities you’ll encounter if you’re battling addiction. Men who have an addiction and have a military background may find not using drugs or alcohol impossible. That’s where our men’s residential treatment in Texas comes into play. At Mission Recovery, we provide you with the tools and resources you need to start on the path of healing. For more information, contact our team today at 833.477.7379.

What Is a Men’s Detox Program?

group at a men's detox center programDetox is a process in which you have a safe, drug-free environment to allow your body to remove the toxins from the drugs you’ve used naturally. When you do this at Mission Recovery, we are uniquely poised to provide you with the help you need to get through the detox process. This process includes helping you with medications as you need them. These medications can help stop the withdrawal and cravings you have, giving you a better opportunity to stop using for good.

During drug and alcohol detox programs, you learn to regain control. We break the dependence you have on drugs or alcohol. You gain insight into what’s happening to you. You become empowered to take back your life. As a men’s detox program, you are in this program working with men like yourself, many of whom face the same types of struggles you are.

Do You Need Detox?

Our men’s rehab center program can give you the help you need. You may benefit from detox in some situations, such as:

  • You’ve used drugs for a long time
  • The type of substance you are using is highly addictive
  • You’ve overdosed on drugs before
  • You tried to stop using but could not do so
  • The amount of drugs you are using is increasing over time

When you want to stop using drugs but cannot do it alone, our men’s residential treatment in Texas can help you. It may give you the help you need to gain clarity about your health and wellbeing.

What Can You Expect in Detox?

When you enter into our men’s residential treatment, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation. Our goal is to learn more about your needs and the challenges you’re facing. We can then help you to find the right combination of therapies to support your recovery.

After the detox process, most will enter into our men’s residential treatment program. It can provide you with a safe place to live for a limited amount of time. During your treatment, you will work on your health and goals. We provide individual counseling to you during this care. That includes working with our team to breakdown what’s happening.

One key thing to know about our men’s detox program and substance abuse treatment center is that we understand the unique challenges you face having served in the military. That means we can provide you with the tools and resources you need to overcome past trauma, stress, and other challenges you’re facing.

Are you ready to learn more about the therapies we offer? Perhaps you are prepared to find the help you need in our men’s detox program? If so, start with learning more about Mission Recovery and the work we do. Some of our treatment programs include:

Explore Your Treatment Options at Mission Recovery

Our team at Mission Recovery is here to help you when it comes to a men’s detox program. There is no time like right now to find a way to commit to your future and your health. Our men’s residential treatment program in Texas can help military professionals and first responders find their way forward. Learn more about how we can help you when you call us at 833.477.7379.