The group therapy program at Mission Recovery is a highly engaging rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol addiction, as well as emotional and mental disorders. We provide an array of services that promote long-term recovery and reduce the possibility of relapse.

Our group therapy program is a great way for you or your family to get connected with others who are also on the path to recovery. You can share your thoughts and feelings while listening to insight from those around you. Your treatment specialist guides you and the group through each session as you grow and learn together. To find out more about our therapy programs, call Mission Recovery at 833.477.7379 today for a free consultation.

Types of Group Therapy That We Offer

rehab group in group therapyAt its core, group therapy is similar to individual therapy. The only difference is that you are learning from others instead of engaging one-on-one with your therapist. As with individual therapy, there are different types of therapies that you can participate in, such as:

Therapy-Led Groups

One of the most vital elements in the early stages of your recovery is structure. You will find it in almost every aspect of your life, including group therapy. A structured session includes a group that is led by a licensed and experienced therapist. Your session will consist of a theme in which the therapist guides everyone through the discussion.

Self-Help Groups

Self-help groups, or support groups, are composed of different people coming together and sharing their thoughts and feelings. Support groups are self-run and often do not have an agenda. People in the group are free to talk and listen and provide mutual support. Self-help groups are available long after you have completed rehab.

Interpersonal Group Therapy

Our group therapy program offers interpersonal group psychotherapy (IGP) as a way to help you develop healthy relationships with others through addiction treatment center programs. IGP helps everyone focus on the here and now, establishes a cohesive spirit, and teaches you to interact with others more positively. If addiction is an attachment disorder, interpersonal group therapy helps you find a way to reconnect.

Cognitive Therapy for Groups

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a primary form of individual addiction treatment therapy. It is also highly effective in helping people in group settings. By working together, you learn how to identify negative thoughts, emotions, or behaviors and replace them with more positive thoughts and behaviors. Group therapy is based on the cognitive model of treatment.

What Can You Expect During Group Therapy?

Group therapy can be far more intimidating than individual therapy at first. Walking into a room full of people can kill your motivation, as you are no longer willing to share your thoughts and feelings. However, over time, you will learn to open up and even come to appreciate your group. There is a good chance that you will form strong bonds with others who provide strength and support.

You can expect the following during group therapy:

  • Support from others who understand what you are going through
  • Accountability to help you stay on the right track
  • Improvement in social skills and relationship building
  • Opportunity to encourage and help others on the path to recovery
  • Long-term recovery through support groups/self-help groups

Our therapy program allows you to see addiction through someone else’s eyes while learning valuable insights from those around you. The group therapy program is part of your ongoing treatment through detox, rehab, and aftercare.

Learn More About Our Therapy Programs

If you are ready to get started with your treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, then contact Mission Recovery. We offer comprehensive care through our group therapy program. Call 833.477.7379 to find out more about your treatment options.