While alcohol is a legal substance, abusing, it can still ruin your life. The line between drinking and alcohol dependency is a fine one, and you may not think that you have an issue. However, if your friends or family members have told you that you have a drinking problem, maybe it’s time to listen to them. Our alcohol detox program offers you a safe place to get sober. For more information about our alcohol addiction treatment options, contact Mission Recovery today at 833.477.7379.

Why Saying That You Have an “Alcohol Use Disorder” Is Important

man at an alcohol detox programIn the past, people with a dependency on alcohol were known as “alcoholics.” This term has fallen from popular use, replaced with the person-first term of someone with an “alcohol use disorder.” By putting the person first instead of the condition, you can see yourself as someone who can be free of excessive drinking and alcohol dependency. Your alcohol use does not determine your identity. Once you can recognize that you don’t have to drink to live a full life, you can begin to find ways to embrace a sober life by seeking care at an alcohol and drug detox program.

How Many People Abuse Alcohol?

Because alcohol is a readily available substance that has legal use for those over 21 in the United States, it is commonly abused. Millions of Americans rely too much on alcohol. Furthermore, every year, millions across the world die due to alcohol poisoning.

Unfortunately, excessive drinking or abusing alcohol will produce negative impacts on the body, putting you at a greater risk for serious conditions, accidents, and death. But death is only one of the negative effects of excessive drinking. People who abuse alcohol can also experience higher risks of heart disease, liver damage, cancer, pancreatitis, and brain damage.

Signs That You Might Need an Alcohol Detox Program

Because those with alcohol use disorder may have periods of sobriety and hide their condition well, identifying this problem can be hard, especially seeing it in yourself. Some tell-tale behaviors, though, will show an alcohol use problem.

Many adults drink alcohol, but when drinking becomes a problem that you hide or starts to affect the rest of your life, you may have an alcohol use disorder. Other signs of this problem include the following:

  • Hiding alcohol
  • Drinking alone
  • Not limiting how much you drink
  • Needing to drink more alcohol than in the past
  • Feeling sick to your stomach and shaky if you don’t drink

While most people drink in social situations, alcohol use disorder can isolate you until you feel completely alone. Do not let this feeling trick you into avoiding recovery. You have help at hand. You do not have to face this problem alone. Seeking treatment at a residential treatment program can help you find a way to physically and mentally remove this substance from your system.

How Mission Recovery Can Help You Over Addiction

At Mission Recovery, we have several programs that will make the transition to sober living easier. Some of our substance abuse treatment programs include the following:

Many veterans struggle with alcohol addiction, and because drinking alcohol is such an integrated part of adult life for many, quitting drinking is difficult. To get the help you need, you may have to step outside of society into a safe and supportive environment. That is what our alcohol detox program can provide you. You can detox from alcohol while you reset your mind to learning about a new, sober life. For information on our program, please contact us at 833.477.7379.