family showing the Mission Recovery Addiction Treatment PhilosophyMission Recovery exists to help veterans and first responders overcome substance abuse issues and mental health issues that they may face due to the nature of their challenging jobs. Whether you are a current service member, current first responder, or have transitioned back into civilian life, we provide addiction treatment therapies for the unique experiences our veterans and first responders have faced. At our facility in Fort Worth, TX, we offer therapies and programs for a variety of substance abuse issues. The Mission Recovery addiction treatment philosophy is focused on our clients’ needs first. Our staff personalities each treatment plan and continually assesses each client’s progress during their recovery journey.

Find out what makes Mission Recovery stand out from other substance abuse treatment centers by reading more about our treatment philosophy or by calling us today. You do not have to overcome addiction on your own. Our experienced staff at our substance abuse treatment center are here to help.

The Mission Recovery Addiction Treatment Philosophy

First, we know that everyone has a story.

We believe that every person comes to us at a different point on their journey, and has arrived at our door by way of their own path. For veterans and first responders, their journey might include PTSD or other underlying issues as a result of past traumatic experiences. Since we know that we can never fully understand someone else’s experiences, we listen to their story without judgment. This includes their joys, pains, challenges, and triumphs. We also hope that as we learn about our clients, they gain a new perspective on themselves. This self-reflection is an important part of the journey towards lasting, meaningful recovery.

Secondly, we try to embrace the present.

Trust and mutual understanding create a safe space for our clients to learn healthy coping and begin to establish (or re-establish) meaningful relationships in their lives. From this foundation of presence and acceptance of what is and what has come before, hope begins to re-emerge. During your time at Mission Recovery, we work on healthy coping strategies and positive thought patterns to give you tools for long-lasting recovery.

Finally, we hope for the future.

What story do you want to write? We seek to equip those who come to us with the tools and relationships needed to succeed as well as the flexibility and self-awareness to cope when their stories take unexpected turns. We know that veterans face unique challenges in overcoming substance abuse. However, the future can be something to look forward to again.

Our Programs and the Mission Recovery Addiction Treatment Philosophy

At Mission Recovery, we offer a number of programs, including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, to ensure that every client gets the care they need. The programs we offer are tailored specifically to help our veterans and first responders achieve healing and include the following:

While at Mission Recovery, you’ll participate in both group and individual therapy. These can help you understand the issues and experiences in your line of work that have led to addiction and develop skills for the future. Additionally, at our facility, you’ll have access to exercise rooms to keep you healthy in body and mind. And finally, our comfortable, private rooms keep you safe and secure during your recovery.

Contact Us

When you are ready to break free from addiction and start the journey of lasting recovery, call Mission Recovery. Our admissions team is ready to answer your questions and provide an overview of our programs 24/7. At Mission Recovery, we put our veterans and first responders first by listening, building mutual trust, and looking forward to the future. Contact us today at 833.477.7379 or contact us through our online form.